Installation / Program (2021)
Grazer Kulturjahr 2020, Freiheitsplatz Graz (AT)



The progressing climate change calls for new ways of living and everyday structures, as well as new strategies for dealing with our environment and its resources. Climate culture means a change towards a climate-positive society. There is no way back, only a common future. We are facing a wide-ranging task of shaping society. The Climate-Culture-Pavilion gives this transformative change a physical stage in the city. The forest oasis, with an area of approximately 150 m², creates a new public space at Freiheitsplatz in Graz (Austria) and shows a prototype for the natural cooling of urban spaces in hot summers. More than 700 plants ranging from mosses, perennials, and grasses to large trees are planted in the pavilion which acts as a prototype for the transformation of sealed surfaces into climate-active landscapes. Next to the natural evapotranspiration from plants, additionally a water-fog system enriches the micro climate with a refreshing and humid atmosphere.

From April 28th to August 15th, 2021, the forest pavilion functioned as an agora for a diverse discourse on climate topics and for climate culture programs, such as regular guided tours on the topic of forests, crowd foresting actions, climate culture cuisine, a climate library, as well as various plays and performances.

In framework of: Grazer Kulturjahr 2020

Design team: Karlheinz Boiger, Bernhard König, Markus Jeschaunig, Lisa Maria Enzenhofer und Andreas Goritschnig

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Photos: by Clara Wildberger (Featured Image), Simon Oberhofer (top 3), other photos (c) Breathe Earth Collective