Perpetuum Mobile

Mechanical object (2013)
Group exhibition < rotor > Graz (AT)

“Untitled (Perpetuum Mobile)”
Mechanical object, 45x110x120cm, bicycle parts, table, rope, clockwork

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“In today’s world, economics is separated from, and opposed to, both ecological processes and basic needs”, writes the Indian scientist and thought leader Vandana Shiva. As a fierce critic of industrial monoculture, which evades all democratic participation and control, she is one of those essential voices who call for a radical change in thinking. That is, one that even questions the apparently most fundamental agreements. In contrast, there is the belief in the feasibility of technological solutions for anything and everything, even if these obviously severely compromise our natural foundations of life. So do we go on hoping for a “world machine” or will flowers save humankind in the end?

Untitled (Perpetuum mobile)
Markus Jeschaunig
Mechanical object, 2013

Humankind has been looking for a machine whose motion continues indefinitely without any external source of energy for a very long time. In addition to this, the apparatus the artist presents here thematizes the fascination that steady rotary motion exerts. This also inspired the early conceptual artist Marcel Duchamp. How humankind deals with the available energy resources and how they can be detected in the immediate vicinity are two essential aspects of this work.

This work has been created in close collaboration with the Graz-based bicycle couriers of Pink Pedals.

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Opening: on Friday, June 7, 2013, 6 pm

Participating artists: Anca Benera & Arnold Estefán, Swaantje Güntzel, Markus Jeschaunig, Folke Köbberling & Martin Kaltwasser, Ivan Moudov

Curated by: Margarethe Makovec & Anton Lederer

Photography: Margit Steidl, AintheB
Support: pinkpedals, XeNTIS