Installation / Programm (2021)
Grazer Kulturjahr 2020, Freiheitsplatz Graz (AT)


Climate- Culture-Pavillon
(Designed and implemented as part of Breathe Earth Collective)

From Climate Change to Climate-Culture
The Climate-Culture-PAVILION 2021 project, initiated by the multidisciplinary Breathe Earth Collective, provides for the implementation of a spatial installation as a prototype for cooling the city. The “climate-positive” pavilion will demonstrate as a physical experience space over a period of 6 months on the Freiheitsplatz in downtown Graz/Austria how green infrastructure in the city can contribute to air purification, oxygen production and cooling. With the advancing climate crisis, the need to develop new strategies increases. The common ability to act and work on different solutions to this greatest challenge facing mankind to date are at the center of our actions. Since the solution of complex tasks can only consist in treading new paths quickly and effectively and combining our efforts, the BREATHE EARTH COLLECTIVE summarizes this under the topic of “climate culture”.

Finally the pavilion should serve as a platform for a dense international and regional discourse and climate culture program.
In a variety of collaborations with initiatives, institutions and companies, a dense program is created that shows climate culture and solutions to climate change in Graz and beyond. There will be additional networking meetings in the coming months to participate. Let’s create climate culture together!

Framework: Grazer Kulturjahr 2020

Design team: Karlheinz Boiger, Bernhard König, Markus Jeschaunig, Lisa Maria Enzenhofer und Andreas Goritschnig  www.breatheearth.net

Project website: https://klima-kultur-pavillon.at/

Photos: by Clara Wildberger (Featured Image), all others (c) by Breathe Earth Collective