Airship – Kulturwald

Klimainstallation, Padua, Mailand, Rom (2016)

Markus Jeschaunig is Co-Founder of Breathe Earth Collective – take a breath and experience our first major work…

AIRSHIP_by-breathe-earth-collective-2016-Rome-12_photo-c-Simon Oberhofer AIRSHIP_by-breathe-earth-collective-2016-Rome-10_photo-c-Simon Oberhofer AIRSHIP_by-breathe-earth-collective-2016-Rome-08_photo-c-Simon Oberhofer AIRSHIP_by-breathe-earth-collective-2016-Rome-01_photo-c-Simon Oberhofer AIRSHIP_by-breathe-earth-collective-2016-Rome-30_photo-c-Simon Oberhofer AIRSHIP_by-breathe-earth-collective-2016-Rome-36_photo-c-Simon Oberhofer AIRSHIP_by-breathe-earth-collective-2016-Rome-35_photo-c-Simon Oberhofer AIRSHIP_by-breathe-earth-collective-2016-Rome-32_photo-c-Simon Oberhofer AIRSHIP_by-breathe-earth-collective-2016-Rome-20_photo-c-Simon Oberhofer AIRSHIP_BoscoCulturale(c)breathe-earth-collective_scheme_KUL-ABRISSBLOCK1 AIRSHIP_BoscoCulturale(c)breathe-earth-collective_scheme_KUL-ABRISSBLOCK7 AIRSHIP_BoscoCulturale(c)breathe-earth-collective_scheme_KUL-ABRISSBLOCK8

AIRSHIP 01 – a cultural forest

Idea & design by Breathe Earth Collective

Founders of Breathe Earth Collective:
Lisa Maria Enzenhofer, Andreas Goritschnig, Markus Jeschaunig, Bernhard König, Karlheinz Boiger

Breathe Earth Collective is a think-and-do-tank aiming to create breathing spaces in cities that are affected by air pollution all over the world. The Airship installation is an open and scale able prototype to link technology with natural environments and create awareness on the importance of clean air and healthy environments. Breathe Airships are hybrid and air cleaning habitats, that interlink technology and nature in order to create space to breathe.

Entering the Airship installation, visitors can feel a rich sensual experience with the whole body and can refresh themselves in the middle of a forest glade, open to the sky “ in the center of the city. The blank and shiny surface is aiming to create a maximum contrast within the existing surrounding city.  At night the translucent membrane has a shiny appearance. Trees, shrubs or leaves of the forest inside will become visible on the surface.  During the day the sun is reflected by the metallic membrane and allows to create an active dialogue with the forest patch in the inside “ a cool and fresh atmosphere for he visitors. Selected Austrian forest ecotypes together with fog nozzles create a unique sensual experience within this hybrid of nature and technology. Airship 01 works completely independently and can be reassembled and set up in any other location. The electircity will be provided by a photovoltaic system and water will be refilled daily with fresh drinking water to serve the fog system.

We are happy about finishing the first tour with AIRSHIP 01 through Padua, Milan and Rome June – September 2016.

Stations, where to float on the Airship in 2016:

Location: Piazza Cavour, Padova
06/16/2016 “ 06/20/2016

Location: Parco Indro Montanelli, Corso Venezia, Milano
06/22/2016 “ 06/27/2016

Location: Piazza di San Silvestro, Roma
09/08/2016 “ 09/11/2016

PRINCIPAL: Austria Tourism 2016

BLOG: https://www.

PARTNERS in Realization:
Rottensteiner Landscape, Bolzano
Baubüro, Bolzano
raintime, Vienna
Österreichische Bundesforste
Rothoblaas, Italy
XAL, Graz
Ludwig Svensson, Sweden
DI Sautter & DI Matthias Rudolph – advanced energy consulting, Graz/Stuttgart

Photography: Simon Oberhofer, (night view park image by Michele Novaga)

Up coming “ Airship Tour in 2017 & 2018:
“Bordeaux / Agora – Biennale de Bordeaux 2017  (FRA)
“Tulln / Gartensommer NÖ– 2018 (AUT)