Climate Oasis Milano

Urban Climate Oasis Milano A waste heat (datacenter) powered Algae laboratory Markus Jeschaunig (AT) The project is a showcase to demonstrate the reactivation of lost energy potentials in a city. The all-year-long available energy of a datacenter on the Human Technopole Campus is the starting point of the project “Urban Climate Oasis Milano”. A temporary… Read more »


Installation – Expedition (2021)
Steiermark Schau, Kunsthaus Graz (AT)

Glacier in Danger

Installation, exhibition, cooking event (2021)
Festival of the Regions, Salzkammergut (AT)

Earth Love

(de) Performance and Film
Graz-Umgebung (2020/21)


Glass installation
Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten, Graz (2019)

Ice projects

Installations from ice (2017/18)
Graz Reininghaus (AT)

Heat Islands

Heat sensitive installation
The Big Invisible “ Kunst Haus Wien (2017)

Perpetuum Mobile

Mechanical object (2013)
Group exhibition < rotor > Graz (AT)

Linienflug Graz Maribor

Line-Flight Graz-Maribor

Airship flight & Video (2012)
Kunsthaus Graz, Maribor 2012 – European Capital of Culture (AT, SI)

Barrel You!

Raw oil installation (2012)
Lendwirbel Festival, Graz (AT)

Arc de Triomphe

Waste bread Installation (2012)
Lendwirbel Festival Graz (AT)


Sphärensymphonie (2013)
Light- & Soundperformance Triestersiedlung Graz (AT)


Line walking & mapping (2007)
Int. Student Triennial Istanbul 2010 (TR)