Your presence has consequences

Your presence has consequences (2013)
The smallest gallery, Graz (AT)

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Placement of sensors

Tribeka upper floor:

Bathroom sink (movement sensor)

Bathroom door (Hall sensor)

Sitting room (movement sensor)

stairway (movement sensor)

Basement level:

Entrance door (Hall sensor)

Clock (ultra-sonic sensor)

Bar (Infra-Red sensor)

Public space:

Pavement Tribeka (Infra-Red sensor)

Pavement Mur (moving sensor)

smallest gallery (moving sensor)

smallestgallery_19 smallestgallery_14 smallestgallery_17 smallestgallery_12 smallest-gallery_EM_4-b smallest-gallery_EM_5 smallestgallery_6 smallestgallery_5

The biosphere with all living beeings, materials, fabrics and phantasms forms a complex whole with countless actors, whose activities are closely related to each other. Lack of knowledge, time and distance often encrypt the traceability and decouple causes and effects of human actions on the environment. The interactive installation “Your Presence Has Consequences” staged the impact of actions towards the environment. Different sensors in the public space around the smallest gallery and in the tribeka cafe act as “energy harvester” of minimal kinetic energy and transfer it directly to the light play of the installation. Piezo-electric elements, switches, motion detectors and switch write subtly in the movements between bar, seating area, stage, toilets or pavement and convert unused exercise energy directly into electrical energy. Via cable, the signals are transferred directly to the smallest gallery. In the form of light pulses produced on the composite of LED elements and recycled PET bottles “display” a vivid visualization that maps all presences and activities of various actors around the smallest gallery. The sum of our actions gives the image of the world.

Collaboration with Thomas Kaltenbacher, Scientist @ CERN, Geneva (CH)
Piezo-Technology: PI Ceramic GmbH (DE)
Exhibition: 8th April “ 31th May 2013
Photography: Sabine Hoffmann, the smallest gallery 
Team: Georg Bachmann & the unknown artist (Code), integrated circus (Programming), Franz Jeschaunig (Elektronics), Eva Meran, Barbara Thaler, Anna Resch (Sensors & 
Publication: “THAT’S IT FOR NOW “ 10 Jahre the smallest gallery“ (2013)
Link: the smallest gallery