Line walking & mapping (2007)
Int. Student Triennial Istanbul 2010 (TR)

ISTANBULonLINE_dokumentation_map ISTANBULonLINE_dokumentation_map kilometer-05 kilometer02 kilometer20b kilometer23 kilometer23a IoL-best_off_08_Linz Marmara marmara1

3 days / 26 km / 8 people / 1 line

ISTANBUL on LINE explored how a city can be observed by line-walking. I February 2007 a group of 8 Liners did during 3 days, how they can get experience a hidden and secret Istanbul – beyond the common pathways. By walking a 26 km long line straight from East to West a new portrait of  Istanbul was produced. The results of the line study about the 26 km long path straight across Istanbul was published in the “ISTANBUL on LINE -documentation map”.

Markus Jeschaunig (AT), Elsa Mekki-Berrada (FR), Carla Mevissen (DE), Perihan Usta (TR)
Guest critique:
Orhan Esen, Jean Francois Perouse, oda projesi, Ahmet Tercan, Eda Yucesoy, Kaya Sönmezler, Kevser Ãœstündag, Murat Güvenc (TR), Paul Rajakovics, Dieter Spath (AT), Kai Vöckler (DE),
2010 - Int. Student Triennial Istanbul 2010, Marmara Fine Arts university Istanbul (TR)
2010 - - magazine, 38th issue, Istanbul
2007 - Spotsz - Linz
2014 - "Markus Jeschaunig “ Linienprojekte/Line projects", Verlag Bibliothek der Provinz
Österreichisches Kulturforum Istanbul / Austrian Cultural Forum, Istanbul