The Weather Project

Fog installation (2018/19)
Haus am Waldsee, Berlin (DE)

The-Weather-Project_Waldsee_Berlin-2019_01_photo-c-JeschaunigIMG_9283_Weather_Project_2018_Haus-am-Waldsee_JeschaunigThe-Weather-Project_Waldsee_Berlin-2019_03_photo-c-Jeschaunig The-Weather-Project_Waldsee_Berlin-2019_2_photo-c-Jeschaunig The-Weather-Project_Waldsee_Berlin-2019_4_photo-c-JeschaunigIMG_9461_Weather-Project_2018_Jeschaunig_hoch

Markus Jeschaunig works at the interface between science and art. For the construction site party, he will realize “The Weather Project” on the Waldsee, where he has been working for over two years. The installation in the water will create a climatic phenomenon on the lake and be seen until further notice. An artist talk will take place on August 25th at 12 noon with Katja Blomberg.

ongoing project 2018-2019

Haus am Waldsee, Berlin (DE)
Construction site party 24th-26th August 2018

Photography: (c) AintheB

With generous support: 
Land Steiermark “ Kultur 
BKA “ Österreichisches Bundeskanzleramt 
Innogy Stiftung
Haus am Waldsee