Re-Light Eisenerz

Water powered light installation
Rostfest 2012, Eisenerz (AT)



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Re-Light Eisenerz – Rostfest 2012

water power, water wheel, generator, LED, cabel, local helping hands

The region of Eisenerz in the heart of Austria is currently in the state of post-industrial structural change. Migration, abandoned structures, vacancies and shrinking displaces the centuries-long iron industry boom. During the Rostfest 2012, an annual art and culture festival that focuses on regional development, the art installation “re-light Eisenerz” took place in form of a Do-it-yourself water power plant. Its generated energy was used to enlighten an abandoned building from the 18th century with LED technology. The joyful project started a dynamic civic process on the topics of renewable energy production, cityscape and participation. It created new perspectives on the city’s resources and a resilient image for the broader region. The team of oiXplorer moderates this ongoing art-driven process. Together with local initiatives and citizens the group works on the realisation of a prototype, using innovative water power technology.

Künstlerkollektiv: "oiXplorer" / Team Eisenerz “ Claudia Gerhäusser & Markus Jeschaunig
Framework: Rostfest 2012 / 25th - 26th August 2012
Place: Fisikatenhaus; Eisenerz (AT)
Photographie: LUPI SPUMA, Alex Koch, oiXplorer
Special Thanks: Werner, Rainer, Sippi, Martin, Patrick, Christof, Elmar, Franz, Heri, Georg & Opa!
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