Building Weather

Installation (2018)
Magazin Vienna (AT)

Magazin_Building-Weather_Jeschaunig_Foto-c-Jeschaunig_IMG_9062 Building_Weather_Jeschaunig_IMG_9264_photo-c-eyeTry_Florian-Schafschetzy Building_Weather_Jeschaunig_IMG_9274_photo-c-Florian-Schafschetzy Building-Weather_Jeschaunig2018_IMG_9284_Eva-Sommeregger Building-Weather_Jeschaunig2018_IMG9277_photo-c-eyeTry_Florian-SchafschetzyMagazin_Building-Weather_Jeschaunig_Foto-c-Jeschaunig_IMG_9093 Building-Weather__Jeschaunig_photo-c-eyeTry_IMG_9037 Building-Weather__Jeschaunig_photo-c-eyeTry_IMG_8983 Magazin_Building-Weather_Jeschaunig_Foto-c-Jeschaunig_IMG_9027

3D Scan of show by MARKUS JESCHAUNIG from MAGAZIN on Vimeo.

Building Weather
Erecting and operating buildings and cities is systematically linked with the entire biosphere of Planet Earth. The current global energy demand is largely provided by non-renewable energy resources. Due to dramatic environmental changes, a reinvention of the ways in which we make things seems to be a challenging question for the future.
The exhibition “Building Weather” intends to experiment with local harvested resources rather than external provided energy. The creative misuse and reversal of the existing ventilation system of the exhibition space demonstrates how technical infrastructure can be used to build new weathers into an architectural space.
Synergy matters.
Curated by: Jerome Becker, Clemens Nocker, Florian Schafschetzy, Eva Sommeregger, Matthias Moroder

Opening: 29/06/2018, 30/06“04/08/2018
Panel discussion: 20th July, 07:00 pm.

Photography: eyeTry, AinthB

Publication/Exhibition catalogue: "Building Weather"

3D-Scan: Cenk Güzelis

Magazin “ Space for contemporary Architecture, Vienna