Glacier in Danger

Installation, exhibition, cooking event (2021)
Festival of the Regions, Salzkammergut (AT)

Glacier in Danger – ResearchLAB, Hallstatt / AT
deals with the collapse of the Hallstatt Glacier and its effects on the region. With scientifically based knowledge and artistically absurd interventions, possibilities are shown for how this process can be slowed down or even reversed. A permanent installation, The Floating Forest, will take up the topic at Lake Hallstatt, and will symbolize the forest area necessary for saving the glacier. Climate round tables, a mini symposium and a special, culinary event complement the program.

The project has 3 main layers:
–FLOATING FOREST Installation at Hallstättersee, that symbolizes a larger amount of CO2 capturing forest restoration area in the region, with the hypothesis to capture enough CO2 over the glacier to stop it`s rapid melting process.
–ResearchLab is the exhibition, that displays different working results from 6 month residency time from scientific until artistic and utopian visions to rescue the glacier
–DISCOURSE events with glacier culinary. Krauli – a chef & cook – from Bad Ischl served a glacier dish, to eat the next future decades of ecological change in alpine regions, followed by 2 panel discussions in Hallstatt. The ceramic plates, were produced in the stone garden at site with school workshops from NMS school in Bad Goisern.


Hallstatt, Austria

Supported by: KLAR! Inneres Salzkammergut, RHV Hallstättersee, HTBLA Hallstatt, Gasthaus
Siriuskogl, Blueskies Gmbh, Hallstatt Keramik, NMS 2 Bad Goisern, Baumarkt Eisl,
Gemeinde Hallstatt, DI Sautter ZT and LeaderRegion REGIS

Framework: Festival of the Regions / Festival der Regionen 2021
Project Link:

Video recording of the “Holy mass for the Glacier in Danger”, at 4th July in the Pfarrkirche Bad Ischl:

Photos: Chris Guetl