Sphärensymphonie (2013)
Light- & Soundperformance Triestersiedlung Graz (AT)

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Sphere symphonie
Light & sound performance

On the evening of 28 June 2013 a special light and sound event could be experienced in the courtyard of a housing block in the Triestersiedlung in Graz. The “Sphere symphony” refers in four acts to the natural spheres in which we live, atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere. By a sound system the housing block is acoustically irritated with sounds from the local environment and some of fauna and flora. All sounds are visualized by light games on the facade. The focus are four glass elevator shafts on the facade of Weißenhofgasse 6-12, which represent by different lights the four spheres. By participation of the residents different architectural elements of the building are put in a poetic tone and color.

The last of the four acts of the symphony (biosphere) invites all residents to play along live! Various stations are equipped with sensors to create own tones on following architectural elements:
Clothesline: accelerometer sensor, Rain pipe: sound sensor, Voice: microphone, Playground: geophone

Audio Recording (Full Length: 64 min)

*Please listen with head-phones!

Event: Fr, 28th Juni 2013
Duration: 60 min (4 acts, 15 min each)
Place: Muchitsch-Block/Triestersiedlung Graz (Weißenhofgasse 6 – 12), Austria
Concept: Markus Jeschaunig
Sound: Klaus Dobbler, Sebastian Scholz
Support & Thanks: Otis Aufzüge, Granit Graz – Bauunternehmung. Land Steiermark, Stadt Graz, Gregor Schlatte
Link: www.kommuntriest.at