Water Cosmos

Trip, Microscopy, Installation (2024)
Cultural Capital of Europe – Bad Ischl/Salzkammergut 2024 (AT)

The “Water Cosmos” (2024) project in framework of Cultural Capital of Europe – Bad Ischl/Salzkammergut 2024 (Austria). It shows 23 enlargements of microscopic water drops, that were collected in all 23 local communities of the region of Bad Ischl/Salzkammergut 2024. Every water sample was taken at a particular source location, characteristic for each location in the communities. In correspondence with local persons and experts, lakes, wells, fountains, rivers, ponds, cliff water where source locations, as it was sole water (salt water). The minerals and remains of each single waterdrop (dried out before) was digitally photographed under the microscope. The exhibition at Trinkhalle in Bad Ischl/AT showed 23 framed c-printed photographs with 40-fold enlargement factor.

In this way, an unusual and new perspective on this daily used element #water appears. The abstraction and unexpected patterns of this simple method opens a fascinating different view on the sphere of water. An abstract new hydrospheric geography pushes political boarders aside. Welcome into our all “Water Cosmos”.

01. Bad Goisern, Warme Quelle
02. Unterach am Attersee, Kaiserbründl
03. Steinbach am Attersee, Kienbach
04. Ebensee, Miesenbach
05. Bad Mitterndorf, Ödensee
06. Bad Ischl, Soleleitung
07. Obertraun, Koppenwickel Lacke (Fels)
08. Hallstatt, Hallstättersee
09. Bad Aussee, Tiefenbrunnen (Park)
10. Gosau, Neuer Bach (Stausee)
11. Altaussee, Altausseer See
12. Grundlsee, Simitzbach
13. Gmunden, Hl. Brunnen
14. Scharnstein, Almfluss
15. Roitham, Traunfall
16. Laakirchen, Ortsbrunnen
17. Traunkirchen, Klosterbrunnen
18. Altmünster, Quelle Kösslhalt
19. Pettenbach, Leonhardi Bründl
20. Kirchham, Laudach (Stegbinder)
21. St. Konrad, Schulbach
22. Vorchdorf, Dachstal Quelle
23. Grünau im Almtal, Kleiner Ödsee

On view:  22. – 24.3.2024, Bad Ischl / AT
Location: PKS Villa & Trinkhalle
Framework: “Open Water Dialogues” / @ salzkammergut.2024


Artist: Markus Jeschaunig (AT)
Technical Partner Microscopy: Georg Schröcker (AT)

“Open Water Dialogues” / Salzkammergut.2024

Organizers: Ingrid & Jörg Schauberger (AT)
Curator: Fariba Mosleh (AT)
Team Salzkammergut 2024: Christina Jaritsch (AT)

Image Copyright (c) Markus Jeschaunig
Microsopic image Copyright (c) Markus Jeschaunig (Artist) / Georg Schröcker (Microscopy)