urban oasis vienna

Waste-heat green house
Vienna (2017)

jeschaunig-markus_urban-oasis_vienna_Foto(c)-David-Visnjic_-2021-w jeschaunig-markus_urban-oasis_vienna_Foto(c)-David-Visnjic__2080-w   jeschaunig-markus_urban-oasis_vienna_Foto(c)-eSeL-Lorenz-Seidler8196-w jeschaunig-markus_urban-oasis_vienna_Foto(c)-eSeL-Lorenz-Seidler8280-w urban oasis vienna_PLAN_schnitt_neu_RGB urban-oasis-vienna_montage_Jeschaunig_source-VIENNAGIS-2 jeschaunig-markus_urban-oasis_vienna_Foto(c)-agencyinbiosphere_164341-w

In the framework of the VIENNA BIENNALE 2017, the exhibition City Factory: New Work. New Design will develop three socially relevant topics about the work of the future: new creative work and transdisciplinary co-creativity; new social work, including work for the common good (Commoning); and new sustainable work in the sense of the circular economy and innovative utilization of urban resources.
The project ‘urban oasis vienna’ takes urban energy cycles as a starting point and draws attention to the topic of urban food production. Warm air-which otherwise escapes from air conditioning and refrigeration units into the atmosphere as wasted energy is used constructively through a design for a tropical greenhouse. Urban Oasis parasitically docks onto technical infrastructure and buildings and creates an urban agriculture framework available year-round for residents’ shared use.
(Text: MAK)

In cooperation with the vertical farm institute Vienna and Christiane Lienhart.

A demonstrator of City Factory*, in framework of Vienna Biennale www.viennabiennale.org
*The research laboratory City Factory is a cooperation project of  Wirtschaftsagentur Wien and it’s creative centre departure and the MAK.


Supported by:
SANlight e.U., Phocos AG, PVP Photovoltaik GmbH, Concenta-Graz, Hilti Austria GesmbH, Hut & Stiel – Die Wiener Pilzkultur, Karlsgarten, Akkubox, UNIQA

Thanks to all helping hands who supported the implementation of the project and care about the plants!

Fotos: David Visnjic (Night), eSeL.at – Lorenz Seidler (Day); source of areal view: VIENNA GIS

Events: Salat Bar and Energy Walk