Wirbel in the Bubble

Children workshop (2012)
Kunsthaus Graz (AT)

Wirbel_IMG_0467 Wirbel_IMG_0308 Wirbel_IMG_0379 KunsthausGraz_0348 Wirbel_IMG_0261 Wirbel_I_245_15.02.2013.145954 Wirbel_I_282_15.02.2013.150510 Wirbel_I_318_15.02.2013.151258 Wirbel_I_312_15.02.2013.151220

Water installation
children workshop, 8-11 years

Water, earth, air & energy! Using simple physics and weather experiments, we collectively track the world as a “Biosphere”. What the Biosphere is exactly and what influence each individual person can have on the big picture, we test together in a playful workshop. Senseful surprises accompany our research and tracing.

Photography: Markus Hall (UMJ), Karin Passarnegg
Thanks to: Karin Passarnegg

Link: Kunsthaus Graz