Ice projects

Installations from ice (2017/18)
Graz Reininghaus (AT)

web_IMG_2905_2_Eiskeller_Jeschaunig_Foto-c-Katharina-Schwarz web_IMG_2966__Eiskeller_Jeschaunig_Foto-c-Katharina-Schwarz web_IMG_2992__Eiskeller_Jeschaunig_Foto-c-Katharina-Schwarz web_IMG_2894_Eiskeller_Jeschaunig_Foto-c-Katharina-Schwarz web_Eissauna_Installation_2017_photo-c-Lena-Prehal

‘Ice Projects’ reinterprets historical forms of energy use on the former industrial brewery ground of Reininghaus in Graz and reveals a discourse on the use of resources in the context of climate change. Over two winters 2017-2018, an ‘ice cellar’ (Eiskeller) and an ice-sauna experiment were performed. The ice cellar reactivated the brewery’s underground historic ice cellars and cut ice from neighboring 9,000 m2 original ice ponds.
A hand-signed an limited edition of “Eis Projekte” (Ed. 100 prints, 42 x 59.4 cm, 2018) documents the two works in the form of an artistic manual for the power of cooling with ice.

In framework of:
OPEN.LAB Reininghaus . Artists in Residence # 1
Exhibition opening: Fri, 16.02.2018
Curator: Andreas Goritschnig
Graphic design: Katharina Schwarz
Photography: Lena Prehal, Katharina Schwarz