Markus Jeschaunig, born 1982 in Graz, Austria, lives and works in Graz and the Biosphere. Jeschaunig's art practice deals with relations between humanity and environment. Inspired by the dynamics and forces of the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere the artist seeks to decipher natural, social, spatial and economic systems. In the language of contemporary art his works evolve between the poles of ecology, landscape, urbanism and technology as well as public space and activism.

Jeschaunig studied art and architecture at the University of Art and Design Linz, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Istanbul and Vienna University of Technology. He graduated in architecture from University of Art and Design Linz in 2010, completed an internship in the office of Christian Kerez in Zurich in 2011. He found the art studio ‘agency in biosphere’ in 2012. He participated in the Change Course Conference, organized by the Club of Rome in Winterthur 2012. Since then various national and international art exhibitions and projects. Jeschaunig is co-author of "breathe.austria - Austrian pavilion @ Expo 2015 in Milan" (as part of ‘team.breathe.austria’). He is co-founder of the transdisciplinary Think-tank 'Breathe Earth Collective' (2015).

Selected works
# Diatomeen, Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten, Graz, AT
# Aerosol (BEC), Kunstverein Neuhausen, Neuhausen, DE
# Oasis No 8, DesignLab - MAK Vienna, AT

# The Weather Project, Haus am Waldsee, Berlin, DE
# Building Weather, solo exhibition, Magazin Vienna, AT
# Aerosol, ‘Dynamics of Air’, group exhibition, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne, AU
(as part of Breathe Earth Collective)
# Airship.03 “ Fontain of Air, climate installation, Milan, IT
(as part of Breathe Earth Collective)
# The Big Invisible, group show, Kunst Haus Wien, AT
# Leave It in the Ground, group show, Ústí nad Labem House of Arts, CZ 
# Vienna Biennale 2017 - City Factory, MAK Vienna 
# Styrian Power, group exhibition, Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt, Klagenfurt (AT) 
# Artist in Residency @ Austrian Sculpture Park (with Breathe Earth Collective), Premstätten, AT 

# Oasis No. 8, waste heat installation, Graz, AT 
# Olfactory Library Europe, steirischer herbst, Kunsthalle Graz 
# Cultural forest “ Airship, climate installation, Padova/Milan/Rome, IT (as part of Breathe Earth Collective)
# Landscape in Motion - Cinematic Visions of an Uncertain Tomorrow, group exhibition, Kunsthaus Graz 
# BREATHE.AUSTRIA, Austrian Pavilion (with team.breathe.austria) / EXPO Milano 2015, IT
# Kardinal Koenig Kunstpreis 2015 (nominee), group exhibition, St. Virgil / Salzburg, AT
# Waldbad, Installation, European Forum Alpbach (as part of Breathe Earth Collective), Alpbach, AT

# Picea Abies, installation, Kunsthaus Graz, AT
# KARTOGRAFIJE TRANZICIJ, group exhibition, MoTA Point, Ljubljana, SI
# Barrel You!, solo exhibition, EIKON SchAUfenster, quartier 21/Museumsquartier, Vienna, AT
# Breathe.Austria, 1st prize, competition "Austrian Pavilion “ Expo 2015" in Milano (as part of team.breathe.austria)
# Lithosphere's change, solo exhibition, 0gms gallery, Sofia, BG

# Measures of saving the world_Part 2, group exhibition, < rotor >, Graz, AT
# Your Presence has Consequences, (with Thomas Kaltenbacher), the smallest gallery, Graz, AT 

# Line-Flight Graz-Maribor, Kunsthaus Graz / Vetrinjski dvor, Maribor, SI
# Screening of Line-Flight @ Urban Research on Film Festival, Berlin, DE
# Re-light Eisenerz, (with Claudia Gerhäusser/oiXplorer), Rostfest 2012, Eisenerz, AT
# Arc de Triomphe, (with Wolfgang Oeggl/oiXplorer), Lendwirbel Festival 2012, Graz, AT
# Barrel You!, Lendwirbel Festival 2012, Graz, AT 

# Urban Tomography, diploma thesis, Künstlerhaus Graz, AT 

# Rurban Intervention, (with Heidi Pretterhofer, Dieter Spath & Kai Vöckler), regionale 08 Gosdorf, AT

# ISTANBUL on LINE, (with Elsa Berrada, Carla Mevissen, Perihan Usta), Istanbul, TR

2019: Preis Diözese Graz-Seckau f. zeitgenössische Kunst (Nominierung)
2019: Architekturpreis Land Steiermark 2019 (Anerkennunspreis)
2018: Outstanding Artist Award - Experimental Tendences in Architecture (as part of Breathe Earth Collective) 
2017: Dagmar Chobot Skulpturenpreis 2017 (Nominee)
2017: BAUWELT PREIS 2017
2016: Margarethe Schütte-Lihotzky Scholarship
2016: KlimARS Prize 2016
2016: Umweltpreis-Graz 2015
2015: Shenzhen Design Grand Award for Young Talents (as part of team.breathe.austria)
2015: Kardinal Koenig Kunstpreis 2015 (Nominee) 
2014: Kunstförderungspreis der Stadt Graz 2014
2013: Arbeitsstipendium für bildende Kunst der Stadt Graz 2013
2012: "forum-Stipendium" of the University of Art and Design Linz & KEBA AG, Linz (2012)
2012: Umweltpreis-Graz 2012 (with Wolfgang Oeggl)

Academic & research
2012-13 guest lecturer, University of Technology Graz / Institute for architecture & landscape
2014 guest lecturer, University of Technology Graz, IZK “ institute for contemporary Art
2017  "urban oasis", transdisciplinary research

2019/20 guest lecturer, University of Technology Graz / Institut für Raumgestaltung

Photo (c) Sebastian Reiser